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Natural Collagen Platinum 100ml
Natural Collagen Platinum 100ml
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Natural Collagen Slimming Serum 200ml
Natural Collagen Slimming Serum 200ml
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Natural Collagen Silver 100ml
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Natural Collagen Graphite 100ml
Natural Collagen Graphite 100ml
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Natural Collagen

Natural Collagen Colway INVENTIA New Formula Q 5-26. This patch not only clearly improves the skin (which is aging, after including the loss of natural collagen), but is also good for burns, scars, acne, stretch marks, etc. Collagen is the foundation of skin health and more. łaźnie parowe

The best way to scar!

For one year after scar formation can try to influence its future appearance. Fibroblasts or cells that produce collagen in the skin collagen stimulated by supplying external cause significant arrangement of collagen fibers. Scars are then smoothed considerably. Depending on the location of the scar is recommended, as some say, ointment for scars or the cream on the scars that collagen natural Silver or Platinum. Collagen is also a natural look to the acne scars. sauny fińskie

Indispensable for stretch marks!

To get rid of stretch marks above all we should strengthen the collagen fibers, which are fragile and prone to rupture. Thus, the ideal way to stretch marks is to strengthen the collagen fibers of collagen, providing outsiders. Our action stimulates collagen synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers and strengthens them. Increases tissue density, elasticity and improves skin texture. The test results indicate that INVENTIA Natural Collagen strengthens skin elasticity and visibly reduces significantly the existing stretch marks. Stretch Marks is recommended collagen Silver. sauny infrared

Wrinkles are no longer scary!

Should use INVENTIA Natural Collagen gel that has greatly stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen in the skin. We also recommend that the collagen used in capsules or COLVITA through which we deliver collagen to the body, vit. C and E. We need to use the sleeping bag made of soft fiber, try to avoid facial contractions. Do not forget the gentle massage of your skin. Thanks stimulates circulation. Of course, not forget our skin moisturizing creams. łaźnine parowe budowa

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